TeslaCam Video Web Player

Easily View TeslaCam Videos

View mp4 video files from the Tesla cameras saved from Dashcam or Sentry Mode. These files are found in the RecentClips, SavedClips, or SentryClips directories under TeslaCam.

  1. Insert the TeslaCam USB drive into your computer and click the "Browse"/"Choose Files" button (depending on your operating system).
  2. Select the TeslaCam directory or one of the subdirectories that includes the camera files.
  3. The videos automatically play in your browser. (Most systems require Safari or Firefox browsers due to browser support of the video codec)

Videos from all cameras will play next to each other from the local file system for fast and easy viewing. You can also select an incident from the dropdown list to jump directly to it.

Viewable on mobile phones with a browser - no app to install. Adapter cable is needed to connect the USB disk to the phone. Launch this webpage in the phone's browser and select the desired files from the disk. Mobile browsers don't support opening multiple directories. Instead, select all files within a directory.